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Brad Maclean
    Skate Technician, Designer, Owner, Operator      
30 Years Experience
Worked with Beginners Through to Olympic Athletes
2010 Olympic Technician
Brad's Bladeworks Co.
137 Glacier St-Unit #103
Coquitlam, BC, Canada V3K 5Z1
  C: 778-996-7039
By appointment only.

   ***  Check here for hours of operation or daily schedule changes. ***

                                                      ***Closed Easter weekend ***                                               

    By appointment only.  Please make an appointment by scanning the QR              code above, or click on the link one day in advance and up to one                                                                                 month ahead

                                                                    Normal Hours
                                                              Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat    10 - 4 



 @ $70 / hr  plus  materials      
Customized work to increase your Performance Level
                                       Set an appointment to discuss ways to improve your performance

   Skate  Sharpening
    - Regular Hollows                                     Personalize Your Hollow   
    - Flat Bottom "V"                                         Increased Bite and Flow
    - Channel "Z"                                                Increased Flow
    *** Goalies - Different sharpening cuts that may help. ***           Contact for more information

   Skate Blade Curve Profiles
   - Standard  Profiles                                              Basic blade curve radius that offers good balance, speed and maneuverability
   - Progressive Profiles                              Multiple progressive curve radius for specific improvements
   - Custom Profiles                                        Customize your own personal profile

   Skate Boot Repair

   - Eyelit Repair

   - Hook Repair

  -  Heel Repair

   - Rivet Replacement

  -  Boot Rebuilding

  - New Foam Added

   - Tongue Rebuild

  -  Tendon Guard Repair

    Custom Performance Skate Work     Increase your Speed, Balance, Control,  Maneuverability

  - Skate Blade Curve Profiles  ( See Above )

  -  Raise Boot Height                            - Increased Side Support ( Boot Control )
                                                                                                   - Increased Edge Control
                                                                                                   - Stronger  Push 

   - Boot Extensions / More Wrap  - Increased Forefoot Support ( Boot Control )
                                                                                                   - Increased Edge Control
                                                                                                   - Stronger Push

  -  Increase Boot Flexibility            - More Controlled Knee Bend

   - Heel Lift                                                  - Increased Knee Bend / More Speed / Use More Blade on Each Push     
                                                                                                  - Better Balance on the Back of the Blade

  -  Blade Alignment                                       - Better  Balance
                                                                                                 - Increased Edge Control
   ***   Whether the skaters foot pronates (Rolls in) , or Supinates (Rolls out), there are some solutions that can improve edge control.***

   - Proper Footbed or Arch Support     - Increased  Foot  to Boot Control  =  Edge Control
                       ( See Below )                                                                                                      
                                                                                                                     Contact for more information

Repair / Custom Work Gallery


Contact for more information



Hockey Blades - Inquire any Blade

                                    - Flare Skate Blades

Contact for more information


If you know what and blades can be ordered

Figure Skate Blades                  Order as Necessary

Figure Skate Boots                   Order as necessary 

Superfeet Footbeds

Medium to High Arches

Flat to Medium Arches

Wedged Heel Footbed

Flat Arches


Figure Skate Laces

Hockey Laces

Skate Covers / Guards

Elite Skate Guards

Rockerz Skate Guards


White Stick Tape

Black Stick Tape

Clear Sock Tape

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